Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

social responsibility total country


Total Tanzania limited corporate responsibility and sustainable development focuses on Health, Education, Road Safety and sponsorship and donations. The company engages in different CSR activities and Sustainable actions as follows:

1. Health:

Total Tanzania is one of the pioneer companies that fight against Malaria in the country. In 2014 the Malaria campaigns in the affiliate celebrated the event with its employees and the network service station ambassadors throughout the country. The celebration was coupled with an anti-malaria presentation conducted by the United Against Malaria representative and was participated by all employees. Together with the malaria education the affiliate donated 1,000 mosquito treated nets to all the employees, brand ambassadors and three orphanage centers in Tanzania.

2. Education:

  • A. Total through its university partnership program gives opportunity to a number of students of internship and graduate trainee to work and learn within the company.
  • B. Since 2014 Total Tanzania through its initiative partnership with Total Group Sponsorship Committee has distributed 3000 school desks to 30 needy schools in Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo. This initiative was done through its partnership with Tanzania Education Authority (TEA), SATF and Katsons Limited.
  • C. Total Tanzania limited is an active participant of the University of Dar es Salaam career fair which is conducted yearly.

3. Road SafetyTotal

Tanzania limited has put in place a road safety for children project – in its initiative of a decade for action. For 2014 the company through its partnership with Amend a road safety organization in Tanzania managed to educate 12 schools in Kibaha and Bagamoyo region on road safety. 11 primary schools of Dar es Salaam region were educated in 2015. The company is committed to extend the education to more regions in the country in order to educate and protect children on the road accidents.

4.Sponsorships and Donations:

Total Tanzania limited sets aside a fund for special donations and sponsorship request.



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