Meal Deal

Meal deal

just a coffee

Just a coffee?
Enjoy the coffee corner, with a tasty coffee and fresh bakeries.

Need a snack?
Get what you need in the shop or enjoy a snack in the Café Bonjour.

The gourmets break Friendly and warm, the Café Bonjour offer a wide range and suitable for all customers It can be found in 2 different versions:

Quick snacks for busy customers: Coffee, pastries, baked goods, sandwiches, hot snacks, desserts, burgers and drinks. It seduces mainly persons working or residing in the areas and students.

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Fancy a real meal?

Food products offered in our stations are fresh and prepared with respect for food hygiene.

Royal Oven
Are you looking for healthy food? Buy Samosas, bites, coffee, cakes for different occasions and soft drinks from Royal Oven bakery in our service stations.

Wash and Bay
Making  TOTAL a one stop shop, You can  get a premium car wash or a quick service at any Total Wash or Bay in every station as you are enjoying the surroundings or having a drink or a meal at the shops. 

If you run out of money, no worries. We have ATMS from local and international banks which uses Visa and Master Card where you can easily withdraw money and keep enjoying your TOTAL experience.


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